Green Tea And Anti-Ageing For Your Skin

Make sure you get your daily cup of green chai!

The antioxidants (in particular, flavonoids e.g. Catechins) in Green Tea can help reduce and prevent skin ageing by decreasing the damage caused by free radicals.


The Health & Beauty Benefits Of Coconut Water

You may have heard rave reviews about how delicious coconut water is, but do you know how amazing it is for your face and body?

One of the best things about it is that it reduces food cravings, keeping your weight down with enzymes to aid digestion, and letting you lose weight without your wanting to binge on cakes or chips!

It also keeps you hydrated, keeping your skin looking smooth and nourished with beautifying vitamins. Not only that, but coconut water is fat free and anti-inflammatory (good news for those who suffer from acne or psoriasis).

(by Shahena_Ali)