The ABC Detox Drink

Here’s a great recipe for the ABC Detox Juice, (ABC – where the ‘A’ is for Apple, ‘B’ is for Beetroot and ‘C’ is for Carrot), which is great for strengthening the immune system, helping problematic and blemish-prone skin conditions and also where acne, weakened eye vision and blood pressure are a problem:


Clearer Skin By Cutting Down On Salt?

For spot prevention, try cutting back on the amount of salt you eat…

Although essential in small amounts, salt encourages fluid retention (preventing you from having a ‘flat stomach’ and giving you a puffy face and eye bags! 😱 – yet another bad consequence of consuming too much salt!) and, it can also irritate the lining of your pores; this is because excess salt is eliminated through your skin via perspiration.

Iodised salt (table salt) exacerbates acne, so cutting back can really help clear up your skin.