The Top 15 Alkaline Foods!

Keeping down the number of acid-forming foods that you eat is vital for ensuring your body looks and feels young; its an easy way of preventing ageing and illness. You’ll be surprised at how many great alkaline-forming foods there are out there!


Choose a few from this list of Top 15 Alkaline Foods on a daily basis, to make sure you get your fill of a variety of delicius alkaline foods without getting bored of eating the same thing!

Morning Energizer: Smoothie

Energy is beautiful; Have you got enough of it?

Being energetic and having a lust for life is a beautiful thing. That sparkle in your eye can disappear however if you’re feeling lacklustre and a shadow of your former self!

Feeling drained will always stop you from doing what you want to do and can slow you down. Start the day off pepped up with something delicious like this quick smoothie to give you back your energy and feed your sparkle!

(by @Shahena_Ali, Naturopathic Nutritionist & Naturopath)