Fave Eatery: Euphorium Bakery – Discover Tasty Loaded Pizzas And Delicious Baked Things

It’s a shame that you can’t smell the divine aroma of this place through your computer screen because Euphorium Bakery has a food fragrance that literally draws you in with its promise of tasty little treats and the pastry and pizza smells that come with it; the gorgeously wholesome display of baked deliciousness, which you can see in the display inside, doesn’t dissapoint either. This is a little treasure trove of food happiness that delivers in terms of flavour and great value for money. I love the quiches, coffee, blueberry clafoutis and feta cheese [pizza slices. I found this while strolling along Upper Street in Islington, London and unfortunately I didn’t take pictures of the things I ate there, (but I will next time I pop round!).

Euphorium Bakery,

202 Upper Street
London N1 1RQ