Exams, Parties & Awards Glitz & Glamour…

After lying low swotting up like a complete nerd on my medic exams all summer, (and all because I wanted to get a holistic view on food and see the science behind how the food we eat affects our bodies – which it does, quite dramatically I might add!), I was thrilled to pass with flying colours…cue huge celebration party at home!

But the partying was not over…there were more celebrations to come…in Autumn I was delighted to take on the role of ambassador for the Department of Health’s ‘Change4Life’ Campaign, something which I wholeheartedly support as I really do believe that the food we eat eventually shows up in our state of health and appearance, whether it’s weeks or years down the line.

But as there’s no rest for the wicked, (and I desperately needed a rest), I trotted off to Belgium and the Dutch Christmas markets in November where I spent a gloriously indulgent time eating my own body weight in Poffertjes (small sweet pancakes) and revelling in chocolate and waffle heaven.

I then came back to England to a whirlwind of parties galore once again, (goodness, I’m just a quiet homebody really!), where I attended The British Curry Awards where my family restaurant, The Maharaja was nominated in the South East category. The Bangladesh Catering Association (BCA) Awards followed next, and I’m delighted to say that The Maharaja was awarded the BCA Caterer of the Year.

Having had a mini-rest after the New Years Eve in London insanity, February saw me invited to the British Asian Sports (BASA) Awards as an ambassador of the Change4Life Campaign, to say a few words about the small, yet hugely effective changes we can all make on a daily basis, whether it’s in the food we eat or in the activities and habits we follow. It was a real inspiration to talk to some of the sports personalities such as Amir Khan and Denise Lewis, and a total eye opener at hearing some of their eating plans! Needless to say, I had a great time!

But my new year’s resolution is of course to make sure I have a bit of everything, including my favorite foods on a regular basis, (namely, ample amounts of chocolate), but only in small doses, and not in industrial sized portions like I’m used to! I know I am all for indulgence, but everything in moderation eh?

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